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Dear Guest, welcome to the PROMTECHNIKA GROUP a.s. website.

PROMTECHNIKA GROUP works as a professional partner and advisor to its clients in the field of industry, logistics, research and development, industrial development and investment for over 20 years. We offer comprehensive tailor-made solutions. We embrace change and pride ourselves on being innovative and forward-looking.

Enjoying high trust and recognition for our commitment to quality, Promtechnika Group is developing a new direction and offering services to several key industries (automotive, milking machine automation, CNC machine tools), materials procurement and offering full service raw materials for the automotive industry. Our services are comprehensive, from research and development, to purchasing and manufacturing, to customized logistics solutions.

Highly trusted and well recognized for our commitment to quality, we at PROMTECHNIKA GROUP enjoy a reputation for reliability earned over the years both within EU and internationally. Based on our belief that clients deserve the best possible service, our pursuit of excellence is reflected in high quality standards that we set, meet and exceed. Actually, we are a refreshing ingredient in your decision-making process.

We help you to transform ideas into reality through our understanding of the market. Our team has an intuitive understanding of our clients’ needs and provide open, honest and commercial services.

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